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Situation Critical - A Concert Experience with Platinum Blonde

Chad Vice

A live concert experience is something that I’ve really enjoyed, ever since my very first concert experience going to see the band Loverboy in Ottawa in 2003, I believe it was. Yes, Loverboy was my first experience with live music, and it was a good one. I even met the drummer, Matt Frenette, who signed my ticket stub. He was amazed that this was my first concert, and promptly inquired as to whether or not I had been living on the internet all this time. I assured him that yes, I had.

Since that time, I have been lucky enough to see The Police, Def Leppard, Guns N’ Roses twice, Sebastian Bach, Roxette, Glass Tiger, Fleetwood Mac, Sevendust, AC/DC, Jake E Lee’s Red Dragon Cartel, and Godsmack. I am child of the 80s for sure, but of course never saw these bands in their heyday. Still they put on a great show and I was able to see them all at various seat levels, but still enjoyed every second of it.

Now there are two more bands that I can add to my massive repertoire of artists that I have seen live (and as you can see, there are many! Ha). These bands are Platinum Blonde (Go Canada!) and Culture Club! I saw their fantastic show at TD Place in Ottawa, it was an excellent show that really exceeded my expectations (they were pretty high) and in many ways I became a bigger fan of both bands that night, and isn’t that objective? I think yes!

Music is music, and if you enjoy it, then it is perfect just the way it is. Everyone has their tastes, likes and appreciations, and I am confident in mine and will never shy away from wearing any band’s shirt that I like and that has meaning to me. With that pride, I bought myself a Platinum Blonde T-Shirt at the event, though I will admit that there were very few styles for men (see: 1) however I bought it and wore it and will continue to wear it. Music is meant to be enjoyed and it’s taken seriously, but really, shouldn’t be taken TOO seriously.

This isn’t a review of the concert. Those are boring. What can you say? If you like the bands then you like the bands for your reasons and if you don’t then you wouldn’t attend the concert. A critic is only someone with an opinion, much like all of us, except they get paid to produce theirs, which I don’t get because music is such a personal thing, everyone gets something unique and different out of it. Really the only thing you might be able to critique is the technical aspect of it. But in most reviews, they are either liking the music, or not. Thanks Mr. Critic, you’ve been a big help

This article is really about me liking the latest concert I saw, and just getting my general feelings and thoughts down on paper (screen) and presenting another blog article, because, I can, you can, and we all can.

If you get a chance to go see these two bands, or any band, please GO. Take that special someone(s) with you and don’t forget the main reason to go is to have fun, listen to some music the way it was meant to presented, live, warts and all, and just enjoy the social aspect and entertainment value.

Don’t do like I did and wait for the drummer from Loverboy to tell you that you are missing out. Thank you Matt F, I appreciate you and your band and the music will always live on!

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