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Going on the Record For the Love of Vinyl Records

I love the IDEA of LP vinyl records. Looking them over, the “bigger version of a CD cover”, seeing how they were made, the large print and the general idea of how rare and vintage some of these titles can be, what with certain songs never released on CD or albums released only in certain countries and territories. And being a massive fan of music that I am, I could spend hours researching these facts, taking pictures of the records in their current condition, grading them on quality and taste, (not taste actually), pricing them and displaying them with a nice quick but effective artist/album bio on an online retail platform like, say, Shopify, and letting the world buy my records from me like some kind of record store person guy.

I love the idea and getting a box of records, or, several of them filled with old forgotten records, and just going through them all, not knowing who or what I will find, what condition they will be in, and maybe discovering some new tunes along the way and expanding my musical database, both in hard facts and song like-abilities. But then, have I ever put a record on and enjoyed it and listened to hear if there were some, if any at all, imperfections on it? Nope. 

I want to share my vinyls with the world!

So, this is my record store. This is my online only, record store. I can say it any which way, but this website is a record collection to add to your record collection. I want you to come and look around, just like you are browsing through my home, except when you find a record you like, you say "Hey, can I buy this from you?". And I say "Yes!". This is what I would like to happen, each and every time you buy a record from Championship Vinyl. 

Why the name Championship Vinyl? It's the fictional record store in my favorite movie, Hi Fidelity, starring John Cusack and Jack Black.

Maybe I should sell the movie soundtrack on vinyl here in the store? 


Thank you for shopping at my store

Chad Vice
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