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Rod Stewart ‎– A Night On The Town LP USA
Championship Vinyl

Rod Stewart ‎– A Night On The Town

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  • Label: Warner Bros. Records ‎ BSK 3116 / WW1
  • Country: United States
  • Released: 1976
  • Genre/Style: Rock / Pop
  • Grade LP: (EX) Sleeve: (VG)

A Night on the Town is Rod Stewart's seventh album, released in 1976. The cover art is based on Pierre-Auguste Renoir's painting Bal du moulin de la Galette, with Stewart inserted in the centre in period costume.

The album is regarded as one of Stewart's finest hours, with many songs still on rotation at Classic Rock radio stations. The Killing Of Georgie is one of Stewart's most hard hitting set of lyrics, a melancholic tale of a gay friend who is cast out by his family and becomes a sensation in the New York nightlife, only to be mugged and beaten to death by a New York gang. Controversial "Tonight's the Night" was a No. 1 hit but was banned by some radio stations due to the very obvious lyrics about sex and loss of virginity. A cover of Cat Stevens' The First Cut Is The Deepest was also a success and has since become one of Stewart's signature songs. Another controversial song, The Balltrap, again had explicit sexual references in its lyrics as well as a touch of racism.

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