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Rush ‎– Hemispheres 8 track

Rush ‎– Hemispheres

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  • Label: Mercury ‎Records  MC8-3743
  • Country: United States
  • Released: 1978
  • Genre/Style: Hard Rock, Prog Rock


Program 1 9:05
A1 Hemispheres: I Prelude
A2 II Apollo
A3 III Dionysus
Program 2 9:05
B1 Hemispheres: IV Armageddon
B2 V Cygnus
B3 VI The Sphere
Program 3 9:05
C1 Circumstances
C2 The Trees
C3 La Villa Strangiato (Beginning)
Program 4 9:05
D1 La Villa Strangiato (Conclusion)


Hemispheres is the sixth studio album by Canadian rock band Rush, released in 1978. The album was recorded at Rockfield Studios in Wales and mixed at Trident Studios in London. It was the last of two albums they would record in the United Kingdom before returning to their homes in Canada.

Following themes going back to Rush's third album, Caress of Steel, on Hemispheres lyricist Neil Peart continued to utilize fantasy and science fiction motifs. Similar to their 1976 release, 2112, the title track on Hemispheres takes up the entire first side of the album, and is a suite of songs telling a story - in this case, a continuation of the story begun in "Cygnus X-1 Book I: The Voyage" on the band's previous album A Farewell to Kings. The second side consists of two conventional tracks, "Circumstances" and "The Trees," and the band's first standalone instrumental, "La Villa Strangiato." According to drummer Neil Peart, they spent more time recording "La Villa Strangiato" than they did recording the entire Fly by Night album

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